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Pescador 360

Ideal to start navigating.

Its hull with almost a flat bottom, allows you to navigate in shallow waters and despite of its length, it has great stability.

It may take an outboard motor or a pair of oars and it owns also a removable central bench.

A scipper license and registration are not neccessary in Bulgaria.








Lenght 3.25 m
Beam 1.40 m
Weight without engine
120 kg
Fuel capacity
Fresh water
- Draft 0.15 m
Power h.p.
max. 16 hp
Capacity 4 persons
Berths - CE D





Serial +



U-bolt bow eye
+ Hull color
Lifting U-bolt eyes + Hand rails
Rowlocks and sockets +    
Embedded benches at the bow and at the stern +    
Removable central bench +    
Double hull +    
Compartments for storage at bow and stern with locks +    



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