About us

The product range we offer has been specially selected for you as a result of a very careful and extensive research of the world markets combined with our personal knowledge and experience.

It is not our intention to offer the products of a large number of companies, but to work with and to present only well established and reliable companies providing products of the highest quality, as well as spare parts of the same high quality together with the best after sales service.

We know that in the process of work we will have to expand our products, and this will be based on a careful study of your needs combined with the latest market trends. But in every case we will strive to offer you the best products available.
With the Bella Boats models we give you enduring quality and an excellent price/quality ratio. In the Partners section you can see that the total claims ratio for Bella Boats is 0.47 per cent!

The products from Bella Boats give you prestige, quality and a very good investment. To confirm this we only need to compare the prices of the new Aquador models with the prices of used ones. You might be surprised that in many cases the used models are more expensive than new ones. 

The reason is very simple – the orders for the prestigious models of Bella Boats are such that demand can outstrip production which very quickly makes these boats a good investment.

The GEA Marine team is available for you any time you need help to find or choose the best boat or accessory.