2 Jun 2019

Why TEAMAC antifouling ?


Why TEAMAC antifouling ?

Many users buy antifouling, drawing information mostly from a yacht neighbor or from tests in many magazines.

Yes, this is possible too, BUT precisely anti-fouling has absolutely different results depending on the aquatory where it is used.

There is no guarantee that antifouling A, which has shown excellent results in Greece, will show the same in Bulgaria. Just because the salt content in the waters of Greece reaches 200% more than in Bulgaria. And as you know, salt is also a bactericide and strongly helps to avoid overgrowth. The same applies to the operation of these products in other countries, as not only the content of salt, but also temperatures, biodegradability and many other factors influence.

For our evil devastation in the Black Sea are flowing so many fresh water rivers, hardly contaminated with biologicals wastests, which makes it almost impossible to completely protect a vessel against foulings. And it becomes scary if your vessel he stays anchored all summer.

That's why, before offering the most suitable antifouling for the Bulgarian market, we we spent about 10 years together with our colleagues from 3 marinas in Bulgaria and made a lot of fouling tests. And thanks to all these tests, we have marketed the products of TEAMAC England.

We do not have a client who has complained of overgrowth for one season. We have no claim.

We do not want to write more about the topic, but it can be extremely helpful to you.

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